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Rail Success Stories - The Capitol Corridor

Rail Success Stories - The Capitol Corridor  cover
Release Date: 
Dec 5 2011

The Capitol Corridor is a 170-mile intercity passenger rail system providing convenient travel to the nearly 3.75 million people residing between San Jose, Oakland, Richmond, and Sacramento along the congested I-80, I-680 and I-880 freeways by operating fast, reliable and affordable intercity rail service to 16 passenger rail stations.

Rail Success Stories - The Heartland Corridor

Rail Success Stories - The Heartland Corridor cover
Release Date: 
Dec 5 2011

The 1,031-mile Heartland Corridor is a public-private partnership among Norfolk Southern and federal and state agencies to increase vertical clearances in 28 tunnels and remove 24 overhead obstructions to allow passage of double-stacked container trains between the Port of Virginia and Columbus, Ohio.

Rail Success Stories - CREATE

Rail Success Stories - CREATE cover
Release Date: 
Dec 5 2011

The CREATE Program was developed as a first-of-its-kind partnership between U.S.
DOT, the State of Illinois, City of Chicago, Metra, Amtrak, and the nation's freight railroads in order to make critically needed capital improvements to increase the efficiency of the region's passenger and freight rail infrastructure and enhance the quality of life for Chicago-area residents.

Rail Success Stories - Amtrak Hiawatha

Rail Success Stories - Amtrak Hiawatha  cover
Release Date: 
Dec 5 2011

The 86-mile train route connecting Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois has been a part of the Amtrak system since its inception, following a long history of operation by the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad. In 1989, Wisconsin and Illinois jointly funded a demonstration project that added two daily round trips to the service. The demonstration proved successful. The two states have jointly funded Amtrak’s Hiawatha Service ever since.

Amtrak Downeaster

Amtrak Downeaster cover

The Amtrak Downeaster operates on a 143-mile shared-use corridor between Boston, MA and Brunswick, ME spanning three states and service 12 station communities. Five of the Downeaster's daily round trips operate between Boston and Portland; beginning in November 2012, two round-trips expanded 28 miles north of Portland to Freeport and Brunswick. Nearly 1 million people live in towns directly on the line, with an additional 3 million living in counties served by the route.


Keystone Corridor

Keystone Corridor  cover

The Keystone Corridor is a 349 mile railroad line between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Amtrak's Keystone Service currently runs an intercity passenger route between Harrisburg and New York by way of Philadelphia; and today ridership between Harrisburg and Philadelphia tops 1.3 million, on-time performance is at 94%, and top speeds reach 110mph. Investments in grade crossings and station improvements continue to improve the line.



Rail Success Stories - Cary Depot

Rail Success Stories - Cary Depot cover

Incremental investments in Cary, NC led to the beginning of Amtrak service in 1996, a station sharing space with a DMV in 2006, and then a standalone station was constructed which opened in 2011. The Cary Depot is the 4th busiest station stop  in NC with 89,000 passengers in FY2013. This project is a testament to the success of incremental investments over time.

Rail Success Stories - Colton Crossing

Rail Success Stories - Colton Crossing cover

Colton Crossing was widely known as a bottleneck in the Southern California supply chain before a grade separation and flyover project was completed in August of 2013. The project was undertaken through a partnership between USDOT, Caltrans, SANBAG, the city of Colton, UP, and BNSF. Originally estimated to cost $202 million and be completed in 2014, innovative engineering and management completed the project eight months ahead of schedule and at a cost of only $93 million. This project induced an estimated $828 million in public economic benefit.

Rail Success Stories - Mitchell-Rapid City, SD

Rail Success Stories - Mitchell-Rapid City, SD cover

The Mitchell-Rapid City (MRC) Railroad Reconstruction project from Mitchell to Chamberlain, South Dakota has revitalized the railroad, and has been successful in removing trucks from the road, reducing congestion for motorists, and helping farmers in the area deliver their goods in a cost- and time-effective way. This project facilitated the opening of the Liberty Grain elevator on the line.


Rail Success Stories - National Gateway

Rail Success Stories - National Gateway cover

Improving the flow of rail traffic throughout the nation, CSX’s National Gateway project increases the use of double-stack trains, in turn creating a more efficient rail route that links Mid-Atlantic ports with Midwestern markets.

The project was first unveiled by CSX in May 2008, and the effort spans six states and Washington, DC. It is composed of both rail capacity and intermodal terminal clearance projects.

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